Below are some testimonials from some happy customers.

 As per many Landcruiser's before me, my old 80 series 1HZ has always been faithful & loyal.  Still, they can be a bit pricey to run.  So, I decided to fit the Diesel/Gas Australia System & have never looked back.  Not only am I enjoying noticeably better fuel economy and added power, but as an environmentally aware citizen, I take pride knowing that my vehicle is one of the many ways that I am reducing my impact on the planet.  Throw on the added Government Rebate & it's been money well spent.  I was a little nervous about the technology but just like it has been so successful for the transport industry for a long time, it has also been successful for me.
Ro Privett
Toyota Landcruiser 80 Series NA
Fitted at Opposite Lock/ Wodonga Autogas

My wife & I have just completed a 6000km trip with a caravan in tow.  We are very pleased with the power & fuel economy.  Average was under $200 per 1000km.  The overtaking in over drive is now so much better. 
All the work done on my vehicle is very professional, neat & tidy.  All pipes, lines & fittings are secure & out of the way.  I am pleased.
Paul Frazer
Toyota Landcruiser Troopy
Fitted at Rich River Truck
Repairs  - Echuca  VIC

Brilliant, like driving a new vehicle even though it is approx 15 year old
Michael Smith
Toyota Hilux 1996

This is my fifth Diesel/Gas Australia System - 1 Patrol, 2 Navara's & 2 tractors - with the last four done at KD Offroad at Pakenham.  Power/ torque increase, lower running costs and better driveability.  The Navara tows a 4.5 tonne Gooseneck trailer.  Recent trips with the Navara - no trailer saw us do between 10.5 + 11.8 km/ L of diesel and its an auto.
Lindsay Anderson
Nissan Navara D40 Dual Cab 2009 2.5L

Noticeable increase in power & torque over STD engine.  In mornings on way to work sitting on 80km, temp reaches 42 degree & gas comes on.  The rodeo gains 5km per hour.  You feel the surge!!
Have gone from approx 730kms a tank (std 76L) to approx 850 kms.  Also received comment from WA vehicle inspector that it was the best installation he has seen on a 4X4. Passed with flying colours!!!
Fitted at Advanced LPGas System - Malaga WA
Barry Shaw
Holden Rodeo RA Crew Cab


I own a diesel taxi and my mechanic Mark Endrizzi (Mildura) was trying to get me to put the taxi on diesel/gas.  I finally did and I really don't know why I didn't put it on much sooner. 
I can't begin to tell you how happy I am with the power, the economy & the savings.  I'm just rapt.
Ross Missen
Mercedes Van MB140D


Im pulling a 21' caravan and the difference in performance is huge.  Best thing I've ever done to a car!!
Steve McAuliffe
Nissan Patrol 4.2L Turbo

I have been in contact with Diesel/Gas Australia representatives in Adelaide, Perth, Kadina and finally Barmera before deciding to fit gas.  In each case I have been treated with courtesy and understanding.  Not once was the product overstated or my expectations of performance exhanced.
Dennis Wise
Ford Transit 1994 N/A

The power improvement was immediately obvious & because my vehicle had been 'chipped' it was necessary to carry out some fine tuning of the Lovato standard setting.  This was done both professionally & the additaional improvement to economy is terrific.  Good product & good people to deal with too.  They treated me with respect as a client and I was most appreciative of their candid answers to my questions. 
John Enders
Landrover Discovery TD5

Having had my 05 Rodeo turbo'd 4/4 LPG injection since Feb 2006 & covered 65000 kms a lot of the time pulling a 7 metre caravan I am very happy with the big improvement both in power & economy.  Without LPG 11.5L, with LPG 9.5L to 100 kms.  Towing the van 12.5L from Norsman to Geelong.  Power wise it's worth another gear. 
My favourite saying is it turbo's the turbo.
I have had no problems with the system  would recommend it to anyone.
Ron K
Holden Rodeo 2005 Turbo


Surpasses my expectations for increase in power and makes the Troopy fly.
Michael Wilding
Toyota Landcruiser 1999 - Troop Carrier

The installer has a passion for 4WD's, performance and perfection.  I believe his persistance + professionalism should be the benchmark for others to follow.  I believe his knowledge and that of other diesel gas installers should be encouraged to share for the good of all.
Philip Newton
Nissan Patrol 4.2 TD 2001

The system works great and I am glad that I chose to spend the money on it.  Good mileage, Good power increases and very well fitted. The aftersale service is just great.  Can't get better service! 
David Buick
Mitsubishi Pajero

David & Kyley at KD Offroad are excellent people to deal with.  David has good knowledge of all products & services and provides excellent  service and back up.  The vehicle now has more power and runs smoother.
Greg Pippard
Nissan Patrol 3.0L

The installer had a very professional manner and took all the time I required to have further knowledge about the system.  Installation of the system was 1st class.  I was surprised by the extra power the sytem has generated and have gained additional power.  Overall I am very pleased and would recommend to any person.
Mr. Des Bambrough
GU Nissan Patrol 2.8L Turbo

As a Manager/Director with my own engineering business I cannot fault the fitment of the whole system + exhaust & tank. 
Mick Fletcher
Toyota Prado Grande

Performance is above my expectations.  I tow a 18' 6" caravan weighing approx 2.5 tonne and the gas conversion has provided the landcruiser with more torque & power.  Economy is up approx 2-3 litres/100 kms
John Bryant
Toyota Landcruiser 100 Series Turbo Diesel

Couldn't be happier.  Great improvement in vehicle performance + smoothness.  The extra torque enables superior towing.  Overall the installation has given my Bravo a 'breath of fresh air'.
Mick Doerfling
Mazda Bravo 2.5TD

Vehicle power whilst towing 3 tonne caravan very impressive.  Makes towing much more enjoyable with very few down gear changes
Ian Sherlock
Nissan Patrol GU Series II

Absolutely unbelievable increase in power.  Would recommend to anyone wanting horsepower for towing & fuel economy as well.  I towed a 4 tonne boat and am over the moon with the horsepower increase of 23HP at the ground.
TJM 4WD Mega Store
Toyota Landcruiser 100 Series 4.2 Turbo

Excellent decision.  More power & performance.  The vehicle feels like a different car, has more oomph that it lacked before and better economy
Peter Gibson
Nissan Terrano R3M

Just completed almost 14,000 km trip towing a 18ft poptop caravan.  Performance & power was excellent.  Fuel economy for trip averaged 5.6km per litre, driving at 100 kph.
John Bignell
Toyota Landcruiser 100 Series Turbo

I have gained about 30% more power and I get no more black smoke.  The engine runs much smoother and I am saving around $35 on fuel each time I fill up.
Stephen Towner
Nissan Navara STR

Am very impressed with power & economy.  Best move I have made in a long time.
John Halden
Holden Rodeo Spacecab

It's all good - Easier starting, better running, more power, improved overtaking + power & grunt.  Increase in tank range of about 250 - 300kms before fine tuning.  Wish I has done it before spending money on a turbo that I may not have even needed.
Brian Muller
Toyota Landcruiser SXL

Reduction in overall fuel bills since installation has been staggering.  Likewise the increase in pulling/towing power.  Just amazing.
Ian & CHristine Radford
Nissan Navara 3.0L Turbo

Definite increase in power, fuel economy, cleaner & quieter running + no exhaust smoke.  Best thing I have ever purchased.
R Smith
Mitsubishi Pajero NL

The vehicle does a lot of towing and with full water tank on trailer is 2 1/2 tonnes.  Previously had to hit bottom of hill at 2000rpm in 4TH to top of hill at 1900rpm.  Now can hit bottom at below 2000rpm and at top at 2500rpm.  A large improvement.
Terry Clewett
Nissan Patrol 3.0TD

System is delivering exactly what we were told it would.  Extra power/torque & extra 150 kms per tank of diesel.
Kym Buston
Toyota Hilux

Power & Torque - 33% increase
Fuel Economy - 20 - 25% increase.
Outperforms any other a/m unit such as chips, exhaust or turbo mods.  Towing a 2200kg caravan is very easy now.  No regrets, only satisfaction.
Barry Wright
Nissan Navara STR 3.0L

Goes like a scolded cat.  Can't wait to see how it goes on long trips.
Robert Cousins
Landrover Defender

I am glad that I had it installed, a lot more power, great for towing and 4 wheel driving.  I am not glad that I gave my wife a drive as I now don't see my beloved Patrol as much as I used to.  I just hope I don't lose it to the anti hoons laws!!
Alec Milroy
Nissan Patrol GU 2.8

After using the system for 3 months, have only praise for performance, economy - approx 9.1km/ltr, noticeable torrque increase when towing.  Absolutely no regrets about decision to purchase.
Ceri Hurton
Nissan Patrol GU 3.0 Intercooler Turbo

We could not be more happy with the performance from our Patrol.  We use the car regularly for towing and are amazed at the power & economy.  We could not say a bad thing about the installation, performance and after care backup.
Chris & Jody Harvey
Nissan Patrol 3.0L

Performance is excellent, no turbo lag, drives like a petrol, changes gears alot less and its better for the environment.  This should be a standard fitment to all diesel vehicles - Highly Recommended.
Dean Corigg
Nissan Patrol ST

Pajero always had a heap of power but now as I tell my mates she goes, she goes, she goes!!!
David Harrison
Mitsubishi Pajero NP GLs

 Performance is excellent.  The increase in power is very good & I am very pleased I have purchased this system
Ray McMaster
Isuzu NPR 300 - 25ft Swagman Motorhome

I have always kept good records of my vehicles fuel consumption and cost.  Recently we towed a caravan from Swansea to Perth and saved 25% gas.  Saving of $74.42.  Based on the vehicle consumption records payback is about 108,000km.
RE & JM Pearson
Hyundai Terracan

This conversion has exceeded my expectations on performance and fuel economy.  It has made the vehicle more drivable and much better for towing.  Diesel consumption was 23mpg & is now 30mpg.
Jim Fritz
Mitsubishi Triton

I tow a triple horse float most weekends and occasionally during the week and I am very impressed with the increased performance and fuel range of my Landcruiser since I had the Lovato Diesel/Gas system installed.
Steve Haddleton
Toyota Landcruiser 100 Series Turbo

Both city and country fuel economy has improved significantly and the increase in power is a real bonus.
Laurie Flatters
Toyota Landcruiser 80 Series

My first impression was the increase in power and smoother running engine. Although it is still early days the fuel economy appears to have improved noticeably.
David Watts
GU Nissan Patrol 3.0L Turbo

My Cruiser has done over 300,000 kms. and the diesel/gas system has given it a new lease of life. With an increase in real performance and substantial fuel savings the old girl is a pleasure to drive.
Carl Joemets
80 Series Toyota Landcruiser

The diesel/gas system has changed my vehicle from a slug to a joy to drive while putting real dollars back  in my pocket – I could not be more impressed.
Barry Preiss,
Mazda T3500 Motor Home 

We had a Turbo intercooler fitted the day before. But we got the biggest surprise once the Diesel Gas system was installed. Power increase for our 1HZ Diesel was very impressive. If i had to make a choice which one to install first, it would be Diesel Gas. But intercooled Turbo plus Diesel Gas is the only way to go. Even 12 months later we are still impressed with our Diesel Gas installation and would reccomend it to all.
Geoff Kidd
100s Toyota Landcruiser 1HZ

I tow a 6.5m boat and needed a bit more power. Rather than spending $60,000 on a new vehicle, Diesel Gas was the most economical way to go. I now have that extra power at a fraction of the cost.
Ron Aerts
Landrover Discovery














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